Face your fears in a safe and positive environment.

We use the latest digital techniques to help you take your first step in confronting your fears.

What is a DeepMemory?

DeepMemory is a portmanteau of Deepfake and Memory. We use the tools of deeplearing algorithms to composite your face onto someone else’s body. By doing so we are creating the effect of seeing yourself taking action in an event you haven’t been in. Thus creating a unseen perspective of the self. This is a powerful observation tool that we use to objectively perceive what is actually happening when you (stand-in actor with your face) are confronted with your fears. A DeepMemory can be used in combination of rescripting your memory. A specific event that produces for instance the feeling of helplessness can not produce the feeling of beeing in control at the same time. Therefore these emotions are in competiton with each other to embed themselves in your memory.

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Who will benefit from a DeepMemory?

For a long time, you have been struggling with deeply rooted fears that limit you to live your life to the fullest. But you have not been able to find the right technique to take the first step. Real life exposure therapy can become a big obstacle. We created a stepping stone to get you started. You hand over your face and we will do the work that needs to be done. DeepMemory provides a digital objective experience to give you a new perspective on your fears. You can reprogram your memories and turn your fears into curiosity with just one video. A DeepMemory makes everything possible.

A DeepMemory for Stefanie

Stefanie has a fear of heights, which embedded itself somewhere in the past. She recalls the event where she was too scared to jump form a bridge into the water, when someone pushed her without permission. That was a long time ago, now she doesn’t even like to come near a balcony. She still lives with fear of heights but she wanted to see if rescripting her memory could help her face those fears.
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“I thought it really looked like me, it’s weird to see myself doing that. I wouldn’t normally do that and it doesn’t really add up in my mind because I wouldn’t be that happy, I’d wish I could experience that feeling.”

Here you can see the process of how we make a DeepMemory.

  • Apply for a DeepMemory, together we organize a meeting where we will have a short interview about your fears and wishes. We will also record your face and borrow a clothing item.
  • 5000 images in various angles and expressions are extracted from the interview.
  • A stand-in actor is used to impersonate you while engaging your fears. They are wearing the provided clothing pieces, some hair changes and other attributes are also added. The performance is captured on video.
  • The initial learning and merging is done by using a Deep learning network, DeepFace Lab 2.0. Here the program will learn how your face moves and that of the stand-in actor. This whole process takes about 72 hours to complete.
  • The preview graph shows the learning progress.
  • Further editing and visual effects are applied to the video. We use your personal music taste and select a song that fits the experience. A final composition is done to create a compelling DeepMemory.

Curious about the research behind DeepMemory? Read about it in a visual research paper surrounding the topics of memory, digital alteration, fake news, deepfakes and the 3rd perspective.


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David van den Berg, psychologist at Parnassia and Reinventing Psychiatry, talks about how our memory works and what the possible benefits  are of DeepMemory.


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