Chocolate Pearls

The value of pearls is determined by a number of factors like shape, surface and size. The last one is mostly related to time. I visualize the value of time that it takes to make something precious.


Pearls are made by an oyster, layer by layer. As this oyster continues to invest time and effort into the pearl, the bigger it becomes. By changing the production technique from a natural to a crafted one, I can explore certain added values. By discovering new methods and materials I found my way to a guilty pleasure for the most of us. Chocolate, it has a history of its own, used as a potent drink and in time transformed to a delicacy pressed into bars. This material gives me the opportunity to create an attractive product of which I am able to visualize the value of time.

Time is an essential tool in my design. I am fascinated with this constraint we are all bound to. As much as this is a limit, I see it as something beautiful that should be appreciated. We often think that time is lost if the action has no outcome. But from the inside something is growing and constructing the outer layer that we all perceive.

I designed a machine to create chocolate pearls. This machine gives me the possibility to create layers of interchanging chocolates. Every layer takes me about five minutes to complete. By using different flavours and textures I have been able to create a variety of chocolate pearls. Such as caramel and sea salt, peppermint and cacao and, or dried orange peels and marzipan. Usually, there are about eight to nine layers of chocolate with these previous ingredients mixed trough.

At the moment you slice these small apple sized pearls in half the added value will appear through the visualization of the layers chocolate, and it will be delicious.


A project done in 2017.

If you are interested in these chocolate pearls, I make them on order.

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