Digital Campfire

A digital campfire to tell stories in multiple narratives through multiple perspectives. As a coping mechanism the Entangled Brains explored a new attitude to deal with wicked issues that they named “conturbative”.

During the RASL minor Re-imagining tomorrow through Arts and Sciences in 2019-2020, Yori Ettema (WdKA Product Design), Juliet Ulehake (WdKA Graphic Design), Julia de Roo (EUR Arts and Culture Studies) and Tosca van Heck (WdKA Lifestyle and Transformation Design) formed the collective Entangled Brains.

A multitude of wicked issues surrounding the topics of identity, data, representation, the hero and more are taken into account during the research by the collective. The campfire is the embodiment of that research. By transforming the ancient ways of storytelling; of the hero that comes back to boast his victories around a campfire, a single linear perspective, towards a digital campfire with multitudes of perspectives and a horizontal narrative. The campfire is fluid there is no hierarchy, just a turbulent spectacle which requires excellent listening skills. Gathered around and listen attentively to the other, that is what our world needs.

To cope with this turbulant information overload we create a new method, an attitude. For this attitude they created a neologism; conturbative: con(to understand, study) turba(the turbulent, chaos) ive(taking action, doing).

Space is wavy. A big entangled pile of brains. How not lose it?
Making sense through making stories. Updating new versions as we move. An attitude born out of turbulence, confusion, struggle. No shortcuts.
We’re only crawling worms after all. How not get wicked in such a wicked space. Breathe. They long to not being us. The alienated alien that was designed just like you. Ever changing, solid fighting fluid. We long to us. Trying to form structured pathways to not get lost. Us. To acknowledge and move within the disturbance of the crowd. Pluralism. We long to us. With openness and sensitivity. We’re only crawling worms after all.

An attitude born out of turbulence, confusion, struggle.
To accept and examine disturbance
To acknowledge and move within the disturbance and multitude of the crowd with openness and sensitivity