Did you know a friendly touch of a relative, friend or colleague is much more than just a nice gesture? In fact, physical contact has a whole bunch of benefits you might not notice straight away.


Due to a number of factors, physical contact is becoming less common in our western society. This is a pity because physical contact has a lot of benefits! It boosts your self-appreciation, is vital to the bond you build with others and triggers the release of Oxytocin.

Maaike van Papeveld, Coen van Noord and I wanted to increase the amount of physical contact around us. For all social groups like teams, groups of friends, families and colleagues, we developed this game. The game consists of 4 different mini-games, all with their appropriate colour. Object & User, Spot Hunt, Pose & Smile and the Group Game. Youll play in teams of 2 but watch out because with a spin of the randomizer unexpected things can happen. Like blindfolding or handcuffing yourself, swapping teams or multiplying your score. You can even pick how much contact between you and your teammate there will be, choose the different thickness of credits and make it as fast as possible to the top of you credit module.

Touchup Manual


A project from 2017

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