When you are not able to effectively use the daily medication, that is necessary to keep you alive and well. It becomes a problem that we need to solve. 


Look close to your environment and solve someone’s problem, that is the goal set in this assignment. The subject I designed this Product for, has motor-skill problems. Which is a result of brain damage occurred during a heart-attack he had back in 2000. He is able to do everything he wants to do. But he still is limited in small precise movements. For example, taking his pills out of the regular medication containers.

Therefore I investigated the possibilities there were out there. A lot of different types of containers and systems already existed but nothing to his likings. To come with a simple motion that would use his hands instead of his fingers would be a great outcome.

So what are the demands on his part that I need to include in my design? He needs a daily container that he could bring to work and use at home. It had to hold 4 sections to contain his pills because he has 4 different time slots a day. And to add to this short list he also wanted it to look good and be ergonomic.

Design at first began with extensive modelling, finding the right movement. Whether it should be round, square, pulling or pushing. Getting the models back and forth with my subject, we finalised it to be a twisting motion. The prototypes are made of 3D printed PLA using the Ultimaker. As an end product, I would like it to be an Injection moulded, BPA free plastic. This for it to be hygienic and not too toxic to the environment.

I came up with the idea that you have a container which holds 4 sections. And a carrier that you twist over the container. The container is made to contain numerous pills in each section to accommodate different users. It is also tagged with the day of the week, which has a double function, to remember you which side is up.

The carrier has been designed for good ergonomics. It is a perfect fit for the majority of human hands. It is also the part that implements the thread, to make use of a twisting motion. For every 90 degrees, you turn the carrier a slot appears. At the production level, I would like to mil these objects out of aluminium. Then anodise them in a brass finish.

The case is based on an item where the entire Piller is built for, a pill. Made of mahogany wood, divided by a clear varnish and a white gloss finish. Fully completed with brass like elements, which really bring all the pieces together. The materials are derived from an object owned and loved by the subject. His beautiful Fender guitar. The case is in a way designed that you are able to fill all the containers, by putting them on the top slots. When ready, you can press them in the carriers that are located in the main slots of the case.

This was the first design I did at the WDKA for the project common ground. What I wanted to create is a mix of beautiful design and good ergonomics. In the design process, it all came together especially with the help of my subject. Eventually, I would like to actually build it, to monitor how it works in reality. My subject has used the container in combination with the carrier for a sufficient time. It concluded that it has helped with getting his pills in a better fashion. Especially in relation to all the other options out there.


This is the manual I also designed for the Piller, it actually explains allot what I have told in previous paragraphs.



This project was done in 2016.

I do not make them on order yet.

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