Past to present, Rotterdam, a transforming city. Is it their ever-changing vision of the future? Many shapes and sizes constantly revealing its face before our eyes, which one do we perceive? Bit by bit are we able to see through time. That is the inspiration for creating the Hotspot. When the face is heated the skyline emerges out of the dark by the hour. At first glance, it looks incomplete, but if you slow down your pace, you will see the whole picture. 


When doing my research, I wanted to do something with the fact that the city itself has seen a lot of shapes. In WWII most of the city centre has been completely burnt down. And even a lot of the remaining buildings were demolished. Due to the fact of not fitting the new image of the emerging city.

I wanted to address this transformation, as I am calling it, in a visual manner. Something that you could see changing as the time passes. So out of the ashes of the old, the black face of the clock comes the emerging skyline of what we now know as Rotterdam. As a result of this, I also wanted to include the element of time, this a key point in a transformation like this.

I really want to give you a sense of wonder, at the moment people pass this clock they stop and really try to understand this. What it is, to begin with? To later understand the meaning of the product. This is something that does not happen within a glance, but you need the actual 12 hours to fully see the entire picture. Now it is hanging in my living room. Sometimes I will catch myself caught in the moment of just staring at every transition between the hours, letting time actually pass me by.

A project from 2016.

If you are interested in the Hotspot, I make them on order.

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Exposition: Young Pioneers – Design District – Van Nelle Fabriek.